Super Bowl Sunday-Off


As the Seahawks prepare to face the Broncos, a parallel versus kicks off at Midphase.

At Midphase we say tomayto and tomarto. Our company has offices on both sides of the pond. The Utah guys are just waking up as the London team nears the end of the working day. We conduct meetings through Skype, and the Americans don’t get it when the Brits use words like jumper (that’s a sweater) and wellie (that’s a rubber boot).

A friendly rivalry crosses the Atlantic. Are the Utah office’s chilli cook-offs better than the UK’s bake-sales? Our little cultural competitiveness comes to a head on Sunday, when the biggest sporting event of the US year takes place in New Jersey. And even though the UK team are the underdogs, we’re still going to try and hold our own when it comes to celebrating the Super Bowl.

What we’ll all be doing…

Jeff – USA

  • Where: At my home on my 110” big screen projection TV with some serious surround sound!
  • With: My entire family, including parents, brothers, sisters and all the kids. Around 30 of us.
  • Eating: BBQ pork sandwiches, Lil smokies, Buffalo wings, shrimp bowl, homemade pizza, stuffed mushrooms, chips, dip, and a ton of cookies and goodies.
  • Drinking: Diet Coke, Mountain Dew and Root Beer
  • Supporting: Seattle Seahawks. There are two former players from Utah State University on the Seahawks and I also lived in Seattle for two years, so I have ties to the area.

Sarah – UK

  • Where: At home.
  • With: My boyfriend, Chris.
  • Eating: Chilli dogs and chips (that’s the kind the Americans call fries)
  • Drinking: We’ll probably need some Red Bulls to keep us awake.
  • Supporting: Chris introduced me to American football, so he usually picks the side we take. He’s not too fussed this year, though. He was hoping San Francisco would make it to the final.

Heidi – USA

  • Where: At a cabin in Tetonia, Idaho. .
  • With: 10 to 15 friends.
  • Eating: Cheesy chicken soup, Lil smokies, nachos, smoked salmon, stuffed jalapenos, chips, dip and desserts.
  • Drinking: Beer, whiskey and Jagermeister
  • Supporting: Seahawks because they are the underdog and I use to live in Washington when I was a kid. I lived in Colorado too, but never been a big Broncos fan.

Mark – UK

  • Where: They’re having an all-night Super Bowl party at London Sky Bar, on the 28th floor of one of London’ skyscrapers.
  • With: Friends.
  • Eating: The chef at the venue is making popcorn chicken and hot dogs.
  • Drinking: Sky Bar is known for its great cocktails.
  • Supporting: I’m supporting the SeaHawks because I like the name.

Bridger – USA

  • Where: My buddy’s house. He’s got a 60 inch flat-screen with 8 or 9 couches to sit on around the TV.
  • With: All of my close friends who are also avid football watchers.Some girls might come just for the company, but they don’t care much about the game.
  • Eating: Potato chips, and pizza!
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew.
  • Supporting: This is a tough one. Love both teams. But I root for the Seahawks.  Very humble quarterback. They have a wacko cornerback who is entertaining to watch (Richard Sherman).  But most importantly, two of their players just graduated from the university I graduated from and they are great guys.

Krystal Tom – Both (Northern Brit Tom moved over to the USA to marry Krystal)

  • Where: We’re hosting a party at our house.
  • With: Our friends.
  • Eating: Pizza and wings – traditional SuperBowl food. Along with that, we will have lots of sides of “finger foods”
  • Drinking: We will have lots of choices of adult beverages.
  • Supporting: I typically go for the best looking quarterback. The better part of the Super Bowl is the commercials and halftime show. Millions of dollars are spent on advert spots during the Super Bowl and it has become a time for fantastic adverts.

How are you watching?