Starting From Scratch: The Benefits Of A Fresh Domain Name

Is it time to change your domain name?
Creating an online business can be a very exciting, but also very daunting task. Without any previous experience it is often difficult to know if your vision of design will bring the desired results, not to mention your content creation and website optimization. Sometimes we embark on a path we believe to be right, only to encounter details we hadn’t even considered. Have we thoroughly researched our competitors? Are the topics we choose to write about really interesting to our audience? Or are we perhaps targeting the wrong audience in the first place? This is where marketing SEO services can come in to help.
The first place to start is your domain name. Perhaps your plan was to establish a unique brand, but your competitors hold more powerful urls than you thanks to their domain name. SEO services understand marketing, so they can devise a plan and provide you with practical domain name ideas. There are some huge benefits to a fresh domain, which we will look at here:
You can hit more keywords
If, for example, your online business is recycling wrapping paper (which is a quite specific industry) and your original domain was “”, any marketing SEO services will show you the limitation of that brand name. If an example of a subpage on your website is ““, it will always be in competition with a “” link, which is much more industry-specific.
Hitting the right keywords with your domain name will benefit your business, but some of the more competitive keywords will undoubtedly be taken. If you go for extremely competitive keywords you will be fighting against many other domains and companies. Do your research on industry keywords and see what domain names your competitors are using before you pick your domain.
You can be unique
Continuing with the recycling idea, the keyword “recycling” is a popular search term. It’s likely that many recycling domain names are registered already, so it could be time to think outside the box. You could make use of special characters: “” is quite lengthy but it gets the message across to your potential customers that recycling is your game.
You can target your local market
If you do start again and go for a fresh domain name, consider the power of local. Local searches are a great way to attract customers in your vicinity, connecting with your local market. If your business is based in Manhattan, for example, your SEO marketing services team can research the local market as a first step before you decide to conquer the whole of the U.S. For example, “” is as specific as it gets. If you hit on a combination of search terms that has a significant search volume per month, it’s worth going for a long domain name.
You can retarget any keywords you’re missing out on
Perhaps your current domain and the keywords you have focused on turn out to be the wrong path for your business. Maybe you made a choice that doesn’t reflect what people actually want. If your potential customers are going elsewhere, your content, keywords and ultimately domain name might have to change. For example, maybe people don’t want to recycle wrapping paper exclusively, and instead are looking for local recycle companies without specification. In that case, a domain name such as “” is not beneficial. Your chosen marketing SEO services company would be able to audit your website and suggest a new approach working closely with you. Perhaps, in our example, people just want a local recycling business, so it might turn out that the most beneficial domain name is “”.
Having a domain name and deciding to change it is a huge decision, but it can be very worthwhile. At the end of the day, a website is meant to be found. So partner up with a great marketing seo services company and give yourself a head start!
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