SoundCloud is Making its Voice Heard!

SoundCloud is a music storage and promotion service that allows content producers and listeners to connect with one another through common interests. Developed in various parts of Europe in 2007, it has risen through the ranks to become the premier way up-and-coming musicians share their content.
SoundCloud is more than just a tool for artists however; the very nature of the site makes it a viable tool for a small business, particularly in the music industry, to market itself to new potential customers.

Social Media
One of SoundCloud’s chief advantages is the easy sharing of content through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook; in turn this sharing exposes your business to an unreached audience in large numbers. By partnering with artists, you can leverage existing social media traffic from their SoundCloud artist profile to your company website. SoundCloud is also a social media site in its own right. Your visitors can “follow” your content and get an immediate update any time you post something new.
Content Storage
SoundCloud is a great way to store your podcasts and other audio content for free and gain additional traffic through their community. Unlike many storage solutions that simply host your files, SoundCloud actually allows users to search new content. By effectively tagging pieces, you open the door to visitors who want to find the kind of content you are producing.
Interact With Visitors
We all know that getting someone to visit your website is just the first step in a long process, and that the key to developing a strong foundation is repeat traffic. SoundCloud is a great way for you to interact with your visitors because it allows them to leave comments directly on your content. They can also share what they are currently listening to, allowing you to get a pulse on your traffic. This type of interaction is key to developing business relationships.
SoundCloud receives millions of unique visitors each month, and many come expecting to find new and exciting content. For businesses, this means that much of the grunt work has already been done. Taking advantage of the untapped SoundCloud market could prove an effective marketing method.