Record-setting Domain Sales: What Does It Mean For You?

Over 460,000 domains were registered on a single day on November 7, 2015. What does this record-setting registration mean for you and your business?
In the universe right now there are around 160 million registered domains. On November 7, 2015 that number grew by a half of a percent – in one single day. The registrations on this day totaled at just over 460,000, and the best part is that November 7th was a Saturday.
Domain sales are usually very low on the weekends, so low that registrations are sometimes in the negative numbers to account for the declined or returned registrations from throughout the week. Considering this little fact, the world was all the more excited about the huge numbers that racked up on this momentous day of sales.
Domain sales have been steadily increasing for the last few years, and days like Saturday certainly help. This quarter (Q2) in particular has produced entirely new levels of sales in web addresses. According to a blog post from these numbers could amount to as much as a 30% sales increase from last quarter.  
Motivations behind the numbers:
There have been many speculations as to why domain sales have been skyrocketing. One logical reason could be the increase of availability and interest in new generic top level domains, or gTLDs. Web address endings like .club  and .xyz have been leading the group of over 700 newly released domain extensions.
Another explanation includes an increased interest in domains from Chinese domain investors who have been registering domains at record speeds. The domains are typically short and made of random letter and number combinations.
Over 136,000 .top domain names were registered on November 7, 2015. This newly released .top domain is the second most registered gTLD, right behind .xyz. Generic top level domains are certainly making a splash, but by the numbers .com is still on top with 222,000 registrations on the same day.
What does this mean for you?
The surge in domain registrations amounts to two main points for the everyday website owner: the first being that any registered .com owner should put some serious thought into registering domains that are similar to their original domain. So if you own it would be very wise to register,, and so on.
By registering domains that are similar to your brand you can thwart any potential domain squatters and spammers that could register the domains before you do. Filing for the rights of domains that include your brand can be a long and expensive process. To check the availibility of domains similar to your registered .com just visit and we can check for you.
Secondly, domains have become a major commodity, and if this post has been of interest to you it would be wise to head to to learn more about becoming a domain reseller. It’s a great way to load up your portfolio and make some additional income.

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