New dedicated server lineup increases performance by 80%!

How is this possible?  The new Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 family uses the latest iteration in Intel manufacturing processes to suck as much performance as it can out of minute transistors and a new technology called Tri-gate 3D.
The microarchitecture has been code named Ivy Bridge, a successor to the heralded Sandy Bridge transistor technology that means transistors are now residing on wafers that measure roughly 22 nanometers (NM).
Just like Avatar 3D represented the new reality in 3-dimensional movies, Ivy Bridge Xeon Processors are considered one of the biggest breakthroughs in 3D-microprocessor design that has taken nearly 10 years to perfect.  Previously, microprocessors found in chips, were designed in two dimensions or what Intel calls a planar configuration.  The latest Xeon chips now allow electrons to flow left, right, up and down.
This means you get more powerful, secure and faster dedicated servers at cheaper prices!  Still not convinced? Consider these further additional features:

  • 50% more cores
  • 100% more FLOPS
  • 80% more memory bandwidth
  • 330% more PCI-e bandwidth

If you are currently on a shared hosting platform these are the primary reasons you may wish to upgrade to a dedicated server:

  • High bandwidth availability
  • Large amounts of disk space
  • Guaranteed CPU / RAM
  • Root access to underlying server
  • Custom configurations
  • Improved stability and security
  • Choice of operating

Also remember that if you sign up you get the following:

  • Free setup worth $200 in value
  • Dedicated SLA
  • A redundant network
  • 24/7 Support
  • Latest Hardware
  • Custom Configurations

The new Xeon E5 family retails at $254 per month giving you over 10 TB of bandwidth.  Intel expects the new Xeon chips to keep it ahead of the competition (including AMD) for at least two years!