Midphase New Year’s Resolutions Revisited

In January of 2015 Midphase set out to accomplish some pretty amazing goals. Here is a snippet of the goals we are particularly proud of…
New Year’s resolutions always sound like a great idea in January, but sometime around May or June they seem to slip our minds. Midphase would like to proudly announce that our New Year’s resolutions have lasted the whole year. We made a goal to provide superior web hosting services to our clients and we have yet to miss a day.
Along with our shared and dedicated hosting plans and domain sales we were able to add other great services to make web hosting projects a breeze. From search engine optimization to web site security, Midphase has made the most out of 2015 to share with you.
Below are some of our shining moments of 2015 for you to take advantage of:
Supercharge your website with help from Midphase and CloudFlare. Protect yourself from hackers, spammers and other malicious attacks by adding CloudFlare services to your hosting account. Oh and did we mention that it’s free? Your websites are important to us and CloudFlare helps us keep them running in tip-top condition.
Add SiteLock website security services to your website and instantly enjoy the benefits of protection from malware, Cross Site scripting, SQL Injection and other techniques employed by hackers to redirect your site traffic. Protect your brand’s reputation by proudly displaying the SiteLock logo on your website. Midphase offers SiteLock to all web hosting clients through a partnership we have with SiteLock as an excellent way to protect your site and your site’s visitors.  
Premium WordPress Hosting
Using WordPress can help any website owner create a website with ease, and now thanks to our Premium WordPress Hosting Services maintaining your site is easier than ever before. Your website will come fully stocked with WordPress and over 50 themes to choose from, so all you need to do is click and go while we handle updates and security concerns for you.
Enjoy superfast connectivity how and when you want it. SSD VPS services from Midphase let you pick the perfect size for your project at a fraction of the cost. Planning something small? Then perhaps 1GB will do, but if not you have the control to scale your package up to 16GB any time, day or night. Have questions? Contact our sales team at Midphase.com/support/ to chat with them about your new SSD VPS today.
Website SEO Guru

Don’t let search engine optimization leave you baffled. Midphase can scan your entire site and help you take your website straight to the top of the search results page. Our helpful Website SEO Guru takes all the guesswork out of SEO and provides you with helpful tips in a language you can understand. Get your free SEO report today at Midphase.com/services/ and discover the traffic you’ve been missing out on.

We’ve been busy this year and it’s all for you! Head over to Midphase.com to learn how to easily manage your web hosting without stress – no technical experience required!