Midphase Grins and Bears It

Midphase’s parent company UK2 Group helps raise thousands for charity at the 2014 Teddy Bear Run…

Last month UK2 Group employees took part in the 20th annual Teddy Bear Run in Logan, Utah. The event successfully raised $4,000 for the Children’s Justice Center, a safe place for children who have been victims of abuse.
Besides gathering teddy bears for young children, the charitable event is based on a motorcycle ride along the Utah-Idaho border.
The first ride took place in 1995 with 20 riders and raised $500. This humble charity grew to attract 600 riders in 2009, with a total of $7600 raised for the Children’s Justice Center.
We asked participant rider, Reed Cardon, why the Teddy Bear Run is important to him.
“I just love to ride, so I’ll take any chance I can get. I love the camaraderie that exists between bikers when they get together for a cause. But the biggest reason I chose to participate in the Teddy Bear Run is because all the money and the stuffed animals all go to support the Children’s Justice Center. This is the center for kids whose guardians have abused, or allowed abuse to happen, be that physically, sexually or emotionally. The Teddy Bear Run is meant to generate funds and goods necessary for the CJC to be staffed and stocked with items that will allow the children a place to heal.”
Teddy Bear Run
Employees Reed Cardon and Jason Barnes gear up for their ride, undeterred by the rain clouds looming in the sky.  
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