How To Build A Creative Blog With WordPress

Innovation drives the digital world. For those of us who relish creativity and originality, the internet is our place to shine. So how do you connect your creativity to the digital world? Here at Midphase we would suggest building a blog that captures your personality, ambition and excitement. Blogging is the perfect platform to show the world who you are and what you can contribute to the world around you. Creating a successful blog, though, is not a game of chance. Traffic is carefully cultivated with creativity and originality. However, WordPress has all the tools you need to make your blog shine.

Why Choose WordPress?

It is wise to be cautious before beginning your writing endeavors, and it’s important to be selective about the blog you begin to build. Consider the following before making any serious decisions:

#1. First Impressions Are Important!

For a fully functioning blog that emanates professionalism and beauty, WordPress can be your first stop. Once you install their world-renowned software, you have two options. You can either choose to build from scratch, or purchase a custom template built for stunning websites. There are hundreds of templates available online – all you need to do is pick the one that best represents you! Get started here.  

#2. Share, Share and Share Some More

Whether you love or hate social media, you will want to embrace the power of sharing. Social media has the ability to create new traffic and maintain loyal readers. Be sure that your blog has sharing options for each post; WordPress makes it easy for readers to spread your work around the web with helpful sharing buttons. Whether you are integrating with Facebook or Instagram, your posts will soon be filling up news feeds around the country with one easy click.

#3. Control Your Website Updates

For many bloggers, nothing is more frustrating than being unable to control blog updates. WordPress avoids this frustration with a user-friendly backend for making customizations and changes based on your preferences alone. Upload a new photo or add a new post from anywhere you have an internet connection. Experiment with colors, fonts and images to your heart’s content! WordPress celebrates your individuality and makes it easy for you to innovate and experiment until you are completely happy with your post.

#4. Endless Options

There are countless features available with open source software. Open source means that it is free, and anyone can view and contribute to the source code. Techies have tested and created with WordPress over many years, resulting in a truly amazing software that is perfect for most projects. Along with great templates and customization, you will have access to what are known as “widgets” that you can plug into your site. Widgets help you with analytics, security, spam, forwarding, newsletters and more!

#5. Scalable for Website Growth

If you’re the type of person who likes to go big, then WordPress is a great platform to start with. If you’re a cautious type who prefers to wait and see, then WordPress is a great platform for you too! With a completely scalable platform, you will have the option to keep it simple or go above and beyond for your website visitors. The most important aspect of WordPress is that you get to choose. You can add an ecommerce store or create additional pages at any time.
The only real question now is, what are you waiting for?

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