Happy Easter Westeros!

Posted by Kelly Kirkham

It’s almost Easter! This means it’s getting closer to April 12th, the day that is more like Christmas for Game of Throne fans. Here is a collection of everything you need for a Game of Thrones Easter.

Easter is great; it’s the time for sunshine, bunnies and candy. But if you are anything like the population of people in our offices, Easter is being largely ignored in Game of Thrones anticipation. We figured, why not combine the two? Below is a complete guide for everything you need to have a Game of Thrones themed Easter weekend.

But first, here’s something to get your Easter enthusiasm up…

What you will need for the ultimate Game of Thrones Easter:

  1. The complete Season 4 DVDs – as a refresher course.
  1. The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook – for all the eats and drinks from your favorite houses e.g. House of Stark Venison, The Imp’s Wild Strawberry Fool, and so on…
  2. These Game of Thrones cookie cutters from Warpzone Prints – to claim your sugar cookie allegiance of course!
  1. For all the adults in your hunt it wouldn’t hurt to grab a few Three-Eyed Raven brews or perhaps a Fire and Blood? What about a Take The Black Stout?
  1. This link to remind you ‘eggs’actly how much time you have until the HBO series premiere (get it ‘egg’?).
  1. And finally, the Game of Thrones Title Theme Song to blast through the air as you ruthlessly hunt down those hidden eggs!

Whatever you plan for your Game of Thrones Easter, one thing’s for sure – we seriously love all of the GOT swag available. And if you are a Do-It-Yourself kind of person, check out these ideas for an authentic touch in your Easter egg hunt:

Who doesn’t want to become the mother of (chocolate) dragons?

Make your own small, delicious versions of Viserion, Rhaegal and Drogon!

Happy Easter Westeros!

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