Get the Domain Name You’ve Always Wanted! – New Domain Extensions for Better Branding

New gTLD Domains
Sometimes registering a domain name can be a little bit frustrating as you rack your brain trying to come up with the perfect one; something that’s succinct, yet strong, appropriate, relevant and most of all not already taken!
This is a common inconvenience and, more than likely, nearly everyone who attempts to register a new domain is going to come up against some kind of disappointment in finding their ideal .com or .net has been snagged by someone else. Even more aggravating is noticing your ultimate domain name is tied to a rather ridiculous website.
So, before you start to get too stressed out just thinking about it, allow us to make your day with this little announcement:
You will soon have the opportunity to purchase an industry-specific domain extension from over 700 NEW domain extension possibilities!  We’re talking about domains that end with .family, .web, .online, blog, .tech and more!

This means that if you’ve been itching to finally start your gourmet cooking blog with a .cooking or a site that teaches the proper marketing techniques with .marketing, you can pretty much have your pick of a domain that is practically custom-made for your business. Let’s take a look at each phase of the registration process so you can make sure to join with us at Midphase to take advantage of getting that ultimate domain!
Watchlist (Do This Now)
Start by creating a watchlist of all the domains that you might want to register (you can do this now, and you should!
Create Watchlist
During the first phase, the majority of domains will not be ready for purchase but, by setting up a domain watchlist you can keep an eye on when they become available and how to order them when they do.
If you already have a registered trademark in place you’ll want to make sure to do what you can to protect your brand; which means buying the domains before they are offered to the public. It’s during this “Sunrise” period you can stake your claim on desired domains.
This is the time when the doors are officially opened to buyers and the general public has a chance to snatch up domains. If many people are all vying for the same domain, it will go to auction and the highest bidder will get it.
General Availability
During this time registration is open to anyone and is first-come, first-serve. If you weren’t able to order your domains during the Sunrise or Landrush phases, this is your chance. We’ll work together to comb through your watchlist and attempt to register every domain you seek as quickly as possible.
Each phase requires specific pre-registration fees, some which can be refunded if your purchase is unsuccessful. Now is a good time to create your watchlist and get in contact with us to make sure you’re prepared to grab the domains that will help your business solidify its place in the online market. We’ve had a huge registration success rate of 87% in past domain launches and are excited to help you secure your future sites!
Create your watchlist now and Contact us today to answer any questions you have regarding each phase… and make sure you’re ready to win the race!
Create Watchlist