E-mail Marketing Solution

mail_chimpDid you know that midPhase uses MailChimp to send out some of our client communication? Case in point, we used MailChimp for the recentInsider Report? that we sent out to existing clients.
Why do we use MailChimp? They rock!
You can view cool stats immediately and can track your progress on items such as open rate, bounces, unopened, click rate, etc? This is really just the tip of the iceberg. You can drill down even further and collect invaluable data that will help you to improve your communication and relate better to your target audience.
MailChimp offers great mobile apps…
…and has cool social features you can integrate into various media campaigns.
This powerful solution combines cutting edge technology, affordable pricing, and advanced reporting that anyone can use. If you really want to improve your email campaigns then MailChimp may be right for you.
(images courtesy of MailChimp)