Cut the Mustard with a .catering Web Address

Posted by Kelly Kirkham

The internet is providing some food for thought this week, with the release of what could be the best thing since sliced bread – a .catering web address.

Catering is a staple of civilization that dates back to ancient Rome and China, when street vendors sold bread and wine to people within the cities. In the middle ages, the common roadside inn served as the earliest form of the modern-day sit-down restaurant.

The dictionary describes catering as ‘providing food and drink in a professional capacity’ but no two catering companies are the same. That’s why the new web address ending .catering has been created. Recently, it’s become increasingly difficult for catering companies to get a web address that perfectly fits who they are and what they do. After all, web addresses like www.partycatering.com were snapped up ages ago. Now the .catering web address ending is on sale you can buy everything from www.cupcake.catering to www.yummy.catering. Even the world’s most talked about catering establishments could benefit from attaining web addresses they couldn’t previously have had. Check out the below…



Salzburg, Austria is home to Stiftskeller St. Peter, a restaurant that has been catering to patrons under the motto: ‘Blessed are those who enjoy’, since 803. Located in the center of Salzburg’s old town, Stiftskeller St. Peter claims to have served such famous patrons as Mozart and Haydn. The official website boasts “To this day it is the meeting place for personalities from commerce, politics, sports, culture, and the arts.”


Wolfgang Puck, has firmly secured his status as ‘caterer to the stars’. His popularity has stretched as far as the White House. President Barack Obama often dines at his favorite restaurant, The Source in Washington D.C, owned by Puck. The famous US chef was also asked to cater the 86th annual Academy Awards. The menu include, baked potatoes with caviar, pea tortellini with black truffle, Chinois lamb chops, and chicken pot pie.



Bawabet Dimashq, better known as Damascus Gate, is the largest restaurant in the world. It is a family-owned restaurant in Damascus, Syria, that caters for 6,014 available people at a time. The structure of the restaurant cost $40 million to build and has a 54,000 square meter dining area, a 2,500 square meter kitchen, and 1,800 people are employed at any given time. In 2008, Damascus Gate was awarded the title of the largest restaurant in the world by Guinness World Records, taking the title from Mang Gorn Luang or Royal Dragon located in Bangkok, Thailand which could only cater for 5,000.


Catering doesn’t always take such glamorous forms, a good example takes place in Michigan. A great green truck rolls from event to event, not selling food, but collecting food and money for the hungry. This is in attempt to distribute 50,000 pounds of food to the hungry by the summer’s end.

So, whether you’re catering ideas include celebrities or the hungry, and whether you’re looking to feed thousands or just a few, .catering provides a platform to individualize all of your catering opportunities. To get your own .catering web address, visit the Midphase website.


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