Blogs About Websites You Should Be Following

Keeping up with the maintenance of a website can be a big job. Whether you run a blog, ecommerce store, or news outlet, there’s always a lot to do, especially considering the fact that the digital world is constantly changing. Knowing the latest trend for your digital empire takes a certain investment of time. However, luckily there are plentiful sources of helpful information to help you.
Below we have gathered the top blogs to help you build and maintain your website. From content to images, and coding to formatting, these blogs will have you covered.

#1. Domain Name Wire

Every great website starts with a great domain. You can, of course, register your domain with Midphase. However, Domain Name Wire can help you stay on top of the latest domain news. From new TLDs to major domain purchases, this website has it all covered.

#2. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is the place for startup and technology news. While you may be a tad more entertained than informed, you definitely want to save this website to your favorites. This website is also a terrific example of how to make the most of your WordPress platform.

#3. SearchEngineLand

This website can seem a little intimidating due to the marketing jargon. However, if you are looking for the latest information on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), then SearchEngineLand is the place to go. With daily updates on the latest website news, it’s definitely worth a browse.

#4. Mashable

Mashable is the place for all things wild, weird, and interesting about the digital landscape. This website is almost continuously updated with everything from hilarious videos, headlining news, and technology tips. As the website responsible for the Lifehacks phenomenon, we are sure that Mashable will soon become your favorite morning read.

 #5. ReadWrite

Covering everything startup-related, ReadWrite is a must-have for any entrepreneur. If you like to think of yourself as a blossoming ecommerce organization, ReadWrite has all the how-to guides you could ever need. From blockchain to artificial intelligence, this website could boost your knowledge and your website.

#6. Hubspot Blog

While it is a little salesy, the Hubspot blog is a favorite because of its reader-friendly tone. Approaching marketing methods can be tough for beginners, but the Hubspot blog speaks to us in a language that anyone can understand. From creating great content to forming effective email campaigns, this website is extremely helpful.

#7. Recode

This blog focuses specifically on Silicon Valley news and follows the big movers and shakers in the tech world. It’s a little more technical than many of the blogs we’ve covered but is definitely worth a save due to the quality of the journalism.  

#8. Gizmodo

The Gizmodo site crosses into the Sci-Fi aspect of technology and features “out of this world” content about science and technology. While it might not help you with your own website per se, it will fascinate and amaze you. Gizmodo is absolutely worth a quick save on your RSS feed.

#9. Wired

Wired made our top 10 list because of their security coverage. If there’s a vulnerability you need to know about, Wired will cover it. With a finger always on the pulse of the digital business world, Wired has the latest technology, science, and culture.

#10. The Midphase Blog

To keep up with the world of ecommerce, blogging, and all other types of website tidbits, there’s no better place than the Midphase blog. From product and platform information to SEO and email tips, we have the information you need the most.

Bookmark the Midphase blog for the latest and greatest in the world of websites.