5 Tips for Knock-Out Blog Photography

by Emilie DeCoursey       

In the digital age, a picture doesn’t just paint a thousand words. On the right blog post, it can hook a thousand fans, too.

You can spend hours writing the perfect blog post and days researching a topic. But add a subpar picture and your content is likely to not be taken as seriously. People are so superficial huh? The good news is, you don’t have to pay someone else to take all your blog photos for you or shell out money for stock photos. You can take a lot of the pictures yourself if you follow the following tips…

1. Use the Highest Quality Camera you Can

There are some pretty expensive cameras out there, and though you shouldn’t have to feel like you have to spend a couple grand on a camera for a blog you’re just beginning, you may want to consider a decent digital camera as an investment in your blog and your business. A really nice camera can help in creating images that are top-notch, even if you aren’t exactly a professional photographer yourself.

2. Make the Most of Natural Light

Nearly all images tend to look best when shot with natural light as your aid instead of relying on your camera’s flash to illuminate the shot. Shots taken with natural light that isn’t too harsh (think morning or evening lighting) usually look more professional than blinding shots or photos that are too dark and hard to make out.

3. Be Wary of Your Backdrop

Before you even start taking pictures, set up a backdrop that is free from distraction and clutter, especially unrelated items or people in the background. Make sure your viewers can’t catch a glimpse of a sink full of dirty dishes in the background or an unintentional photo bombing of your shirtless grandpa lurking in the hallway.

4. Experiment With Angles

Unless you’re an absolute pro behind the lens, it will likely take lots of shots to get the perfect photo for your post, so take several from varying angles and points of view. If the purpose of your blog is to push products, you’ll really want to get every side of each item so that customers can appreciate the details.

5. Have Fun with Context

Though you want to keep your photos free from clutter, that doesn’t mean the photos have to be boring! For example, say you’re taking a picture of a hand-crafted leather briefcase that you’ve made and are showcasing on your blog. Instead of taking a picture of just the briefcase sitting straight up on a table, consider showcasing the briefcase with a cell phone in the side pocket, a pen holder full of colorful pens to the side, an array of tidy folders in the main compartment, or show the briefcase being worn by a smartly dressed professional. This is your chance to be creative and show the uses and intentions of your products, designs and concepts, so have fun with it!