5 Bonkers Inventions You Wish You’d Thought Up

by Emilie DeCoursey
Inspiration for anyone looking to unlock their creative genius and get on in business…
Throughout the history of mankind people have left a legacy with their discoveries and inventions. Millions of lives have been improved due to the sleepless nights of those who had a burning drive to create something worthwhile for our productivity, our health, and our overall happiness.
It’s nearly impossible to narrow down the best inventions of our modern times, but we gave it a shot, in the hope that you’ll feel inspired to answer the call to create. Behold…

The Ab-hancer


Who wants to exercise and eat right to get six-pack abs? That’s asking way too much! Instead, you can strap on this comfy cage around your midsection and relax on the couch while it presses deeply into the folds of your skin and only slightly jabs at your internal organs. But when you remove it, the ‘Ab-hancer’ has left some convincing indentions that are sure to look like genuine muscle definition! Swimsuit season here we come!

Rear Gear

Rear Gear

It’s got to the point where I can hardly leave my home any longer for fear of coming across a dog on a walk and being confronted with his uncovered bum! It’s outrageous really. Preventing scandal and offense for defenseless humans everywhere, these truly inspired covers ensure that we never have to feel terrorized by the unpleasant backsides of cats and dogs against our will. Instead you can gaze upon an artistic sketch of a pair of dice, a peace sign, a flower, or an ever-pleasant smiley face! If only I thought of it first.

Picnic Pants

Picnic Pants

It’s just plain unreasonable to assume that everyone wants to bother with looking for a table when the desire to plop down and eat on the spot arises. When you’re hungry, you’re hungry and you should be able to eat right off of your own…pants…if you want to! Thanks to the ‘Picnic Pant’ you can do just that. Just sit cross-legged wherever you please and you’ve got the perfect place to eat your meatball sub with no chance whatsoever of spilling or staining the crotch of your pants or being embarrassed in anyway about your personal style choices.

Sleep Safe Tape


For all those people who are sick and tired of their boss being on their case about being awake and stuff while they’re at work. Lay off will ya! Now the joke’s on them. Take your little nap or sleep half the day away. No one will notice!

Shouting Vase


I’m angry, you’re angry, we’re all so angry. If only there was a way to truly let our anger out by shouting and yelling without making others think we’re completely crazy. Well no one has to know how crazy you are if you simply scream into a vase! It’s so sleuth you might as well be coughing quietly into a napkin, nothing off about it. Now you don’t have to bother screaming into a pillow or going for a nice walk to cool-off for a bit. Simply pick up your “Shouting Vase” and have at it!
Now that you’ve been utterly inspired by the genius inventions of others, it’s time to make your own mark. Don’t be intimidated by those who have come up with products that will be pretty hard to beat. You can do this, we believe in you! And when you’re ready to shout about your genius, get your product a bespoke web address with Midphase.