4 Easy Steps To Get Your Ecommerce Site Ready For Business

Commerce has moved to the internet, there’s no disputing that fact. The question is: how are you going to make the most of it?
Shopping in the digital age is easy. Simply use your phone, tablet or computer to research, price check and purchase through the power of clicks. People love online shopping so much that eMarketer estimates that ecommerce (short for electronic commerce) will exceed $3.5 trillion in the next five years.
For those looking to create on online marketplace, this is great news. No longer do entrepreneurs have to spend the time and money creating a brick and mortar store. Instead, an online store can be up and running within minutes. Some businesses have an established brick and mortar store running and are simply looking to expand their customer base by incorporating a web location. This can easily be accomplished with a few easy steps.
In fact, creating an online storefront has never been easier. If you already have a product or service in mind, you are more than halfway there. The great thing about ecommerce is that it only requires a vision, and the rest can be accomplished with the help of a web host like Midphase.
Whether you are looking to build a website from the ground up or get a headstart from an online template, simply follow the easy steps below to get on your way to ecommerce success:

Step 1: Register your domain.

If you have a name in mind for your new online ecommerce website, simply search for your desired domain at Midphase.com. If your web address is available you can register it by simply following the steps prompted. If not, consider looking closely at alternate web addresses or gTLDs. These fun web address endings have expanded the web beyond the .com, and can create a unique brand for your new business.

Step 2: Decide on a method to approach your new ecommerce website.

If  you are tech savvy and have experience in building websites, you may want to create your website from scratch. If you consider yourself to be less than an expert at technical endeavors, you may want to consider a template or website builder like the easy-to-use ecommerce website builder from Midphase. This template allows you to drag-and-drop your online storefront with just a few clicks. No technical experience necessary. Before you know it you will be processing orders and making a profit.

Step 3: Learn the basics of content and website SEO.

Images, blogs and copy are all part of running a website. Do some homework and learn what works best for your target audience. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you make sure that your website is found and receives the traffic it deserves. You can learn more about SEO and web content by following blogs like this one, and by using tools like Midphase’s Website SEO Guru to get ahead of your competition.

Step 4: Choose a payment method.

Because ecommerce is such a booming market, a variety of payment methods are available. Stripe or PayPal are the most common options, but you may prefer another payment provider  based on your specific needs. Research what other entrepreneurs are saying about the various options before making your choice.
From here, all that is left is to add your specific products and open for business. Remember that more product information is better, and incorporating social media interaction is a great way of gauging how well your business is fairing with customers. Communication is key when operating a business online. Happy selling!

Get started with your own online business website today at Midphase.com!