Supercomputers: America’s Cray in the Dark

Since Midphase is in the business of offering cheap web hosting, we follow technology trends in data centers and web servers carefully. This also includes breakthroughs in Supercomputers, which form the spear tip of America’s struggle to remain the leading IT innovator on the planet. Generally, what’s good for supercomputers is good for you, since […]

5 FREE web tools to boost SMB productivity

A small business website owner or web designer should always be looking for new ways to reduce operating costs, boost performance and “wow” their client base. Here are five tools that could help in this endeavor andall share the following characteristics: Free Quick and easy to use Offers visible, almost instant productivity results Works on […]

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

Microsoft took this advice last year when they admitted defeat and handed over 7 million Live Space blogs to the biggest force in blog Content Management Systems (CMS): WordPress. WordPress reports that a staggering 64 million-plus websites in the world today are powered by the free software, with almost half of that number belonging to […]