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QuickSwitch is an additional service generally assessed at $134.95. Midphase offers this service free of charge to new Midphase customers. We do not guarantee that a QuickSwitch transfer is possible in all cases; however, our transfer team of specialists will spend up to 3 hours moving your site files, databases, scripts, and site content to your new midphase account. This allotment of time is sufficient in most cases: however, if for some reason we are unable to complete the transfer process your transfer specialist will provide you with an estimate, or hand the project over to you to complete, whichever you prefer. In order for the Quickswitch process to function smoothly, we will need your full cooperation and access to your site. Midphase will contact you and let you know the outcome and/or status of your QuickSwitch. In the majority of cases, we will complete the Quickswitch process within 36 hours of signing up; however, there is no guarantee that such timeframe will be met in all cases.