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Migration Services

We will take care of getting your website migrated to your new hosting account.

Hacked Website

Strengthen your defenses against attack and restore your website with help from our seasoned experts.

CMS Optimization

We’ll analyse your site for issues and take measures to get your site running fast and secure.


Focus on the important things while we take care of getting your website migrated to your new hosting account.

Website & Email Migration

Website &
Email Migration

We’ll take care of migration for up to five websites and 20 email accounts - which includes all your important files and databases - from your old hosting account to a shiny new Midphase package.

DNS Setup


We’ll configure all DNS settings for your primary domain name, so you can sit back and relax.

Uninterrupted Migration


We’ll ensure the migration takes place at an optimum time to avoid interrupted service, working closely with you to decide when the migration should happen.

Full Migration Review

Full Migration

We’ll work with you following the migration to review your website(s), making sure that everything is fully functional.

Account Management Walkthrough

Account Management

Our 30 minute account tutorial will help you discover how to get the best from your account and introduce the core functionality.

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Whip your website into shape with our Content Management System Optimization (CMS) service.

Speed Issue Diagnosis

Speed Issue

We’ll analyse your site and diagnose any speed issues, determining what is slowing down your website. Anything server side leave to us, any design or development issues will be pointed out to you so your web designer or developer can help you out.

Cloudflare Setup


We’ll install and setup Cloudflare CDN, which will distribute your website’s content to several global locations, increasing the speed with which it’s delivered to your end users.

CMS Optimization & Web Hosting Configuration

CMS Optimization &
Web Hosting Configuration

We’ll consult with you to ensure there’s no speed issues with your web hosting solution, CMS and/or plugins you have installed.

Security Strengthening


We’ll make sure your website is secure against attack.

Important Updates


Where possible, we’ll update all plugins and Softaculous applications such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal to their latest version, and we’ll set up auto updates and update reminders where possible. If applications are too outdated to be updated without affecting your website we will discuss possible action with you before proceeding.

Access Hardening


We’ll take measures to adjust global server settings, ensuring that only you can access your important directories.

IP Restriction


If your site is being targeted by a specific IP address causing you problems, we’ll place restrictions on the IP to avoid further disruption.

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Hacked Website
Clean Up & Hardening

Strengthen your defenses against attack and restore your website to its former glory with help from our seasoned experts.

Full Website Review, Analysis & Clean-up

Full Website Review,
Analysis & Clean-up

We’ll analyse the damage done and take measures to strengthen your site against future threats.

Malware Removal


Say goodbye to harmful files.

Administrative Support


We’ll check any admin areas of your website to ensure they are fully secure.

Website Hardening


We’re on your side. We’ll take measures to protect your site, preventing future hacks.

Password Resets


We will help you update your FTP, cPanel, SSH, Email Accounts and Application Admin User passwords to ensure account security.

Application Updates

Application &
Plugin Updates

Any outdated plugins for applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, (anything installed through Softaculous) will be updated to their latest version. We’ll also remove and reinstall any Softaculous applications.

Customize Global Account Settings

Customize Global
Account Settings

Keep hackers out for good. We’ll adjust global server settings to limit access to your important directories, disabling unauthorised access.



To ensure all Softaculous applications remain as current as possible, we’ll set up reminders for any updates or opt for auto updates.

Blacklist Removal

Blacklist Mitigation
or Removal

If your site has been blacklisted by search engines and email blacklists we’ll assist you in recovery.

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