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Midphase Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Cakewalk Websites builds custom websites and has been a very satisfied Midphase customer since 2007. We sign up all our customers with Midphase because of their 24/7/365 top-notch technical support, their user friendly platform, their reliability and their unbeatable prices.

-Kobbe (Pierre Cobbaert),

Jeff Borden

Awesome Uptime

"Midphase’s uptime is great. Their attention to trouble tickets and working one-to-one with client issues is better than any hosting provider I have experienced.

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TJ Henderson


Midphase’s customer service is outsanding. I love being able to contact them via phone and having customer service reps that follow up is amazing. I have used service providers in the past where the only way to contact is via submitting a service ticket and there is nothing more aggravating. Being able to speak to a live person is my favorite thing about Midphase.

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Always Reliable

Midphase’s service is reliable it’s always up! Tech support is awesome as well.

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Pamela V N


Reliable. Good tech service. Affordable. I get it all with Midphase.

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Corin J.

Excellent Support

"Midphase has an excellent support team! Absolutely fantastic."

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Jane Wheeler

Always Friendly and Helpful

The support I have received has been extremely efficient and effective. I am in Australia and have never had to wait for support on the live support panel. The support guys are always friendly and helpful. I think Midphase prices are very fair as well. I would highly recommend Midphase.

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Ketti Kupper

Great Online Support

Midphase’s telephone support is awesome and the staff is friendly. That alone helps me to relax when problems arise.

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No Hosting Better Than Midphase

Technical support is important to me when it comes to managing websites. Midphase’s 24/7/365 support is the best there is. And it's all free!!! Wow, I can't think of a better host than MidPhase

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Tim LaPaglia

Outstanding Customer Service

Midphase’s support staff really take the times to understand your issue to resolve them in the best way possible.

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