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Midphase Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Marcus A.


"I imagine Midphase is a big company - how can it not be? So I'm always surprised at how fast they were available through chat, and how fast they fixed issues with my domain.

They really seem to care about the customers, and they definitely pay attention to your needs. Thank you, Midphase for helping a freelancer out. It's greatly appreciated."



I wanted to be sure to compliment your amazing support staff! My website was hacked and I had no idea what to do except call your support team. I am SO impressed with the level of service I received today from Ed!

Not only was my call answered immediately, but the extent to which Ed immediately diagnosed and then resolved the issue was something I truly did not expect!

Promo Rocket

Pierre, promoRockit

Our company promoRockit builds template and custom websites and has been a very satisfied Midphase customer for a number of years. We prefer our customers to host with Midphase because of their 24/7/365 top-notch technical support, their user friendly platform, their reliability, and their unbeatable prices.



I've used Midphase since 2008 and can't recall ever having a single issue with outage, slow load-times or back-end functionality. Customer service has always been spot-on and ready to assist.

Also, another big thing for me is that they stay current with upgrades to their system so security is a non-issue. I'm currently hosting over 10 websites with Midphase and recommend their service hands down over any major competitor out there.


Danielle, Glenn Simon Inc.

"It was very efficient and helpful. Darrin got right to the problem and told me what needed to be fixed and offered an approximate time line. Excellent!"

Client Feedback

Midphase PR, HR, Supervisors, Management, and/or Executives:

I have been holding back on praising the Midphase support team fearing as soon as I write a nice letter, I will subsequently have a nasty experience. I have now had an account here long enough to know the honeymoon period is over, and the top notch quality service I get from all Midphase employees is part of the company zeitgeist, and I am thrilled I got so lucky when I switched web hosts.

This ticket's resolution is especially awe-some, because I contacted Midphase with little-to-no expectation of being able to get help. I knew the problem I had was a security feature bug, and since I'm on a shared environment I didn't expect anything more than "Unfortunately, because the problem is security related, we're unable to help you with this, but if you upgrade for $X dollars we can." Pleasantly surprised yet again, I'm left wondering how Midphase is not a well known name brand.

The absence of pressure to upgrade or pay more money for hosting is continuously drawing me into a tighter and tighter orbit around Midphase's services. I never feel like I'm not a 'good enough' customer, and that just makes me want to keep paying Midphase as long as I host websites.

Please don't ever change your customer service or technical support practices, and I will continue to register and host domains with Midphase and, when I'm able to, upgrade to business service with you.


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