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Transferring to Midphase is easy and 100% Guaranteed

Take the time, pain, and frustration out of transferring your site by using the Midphase Quick Switch program. We will move all your site files over to your new hosting account and get your site up and running completely FREE.

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Get Started With 3 Easy Steps

Get started with 3 easy steps

  1. Sign up for a new Midphase hosting account
  2. Click the "Quick Switch" link on the order confirmation page
  3. Fill out the "Quick Switch" form
How Quickswitch Works

How transferring works

Quick Switch is offered FREE to clients that sign up for our Linux Personal or Business Plans. One of our Transfer Specialists will spend up to 3 hours moving your site files to your new Midphase account.

They will work with you personally to make sure your site is up and running in no time (most transfers are started within 12 hours).

What if there is a problem

What if there are problems?

90% of our site transfers fit into the Quick Switch Program. If for some reason your site falls outside of the 3 hour window you will be contacted and given the following options:

Pay for Additional Time
If there is additional work involved in transferring your site you will be charged on a per hour basis. An estimate on time and cost would be given so you can make an informed decision.
Stop the processs and get a 100% refund
If your site is just not compatible with our platform (honestly this almost never happens) or if you don't want to pay for additional time to move your site, all of your files will be left intact on your current hosting account. We will not remove or delete any files from your current hosting account. If we are unable to complete the move you will receive a 100% refund of your purchase.

If you have a Midphase account and are ready to fill out the Quick Switch Form please click here.

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