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Dedicated Server Order Form

You have selected the Dual E5-2620 server:

  • 2 x E5-2620 2.0GHz
  • 32GB DDR3
  • 2 x 3TB + 2 SSD's
  • 100TB Bandwidth
  • Instant reboots, OS install, quickswitch transfer & hardware replacement guarantee

Your billing cycle:

  • 1 Month @ $379.00/mo (Free Setup!)
Customize Your Server
Datacenter Location Salt Lake City
Hard Drive Option
RAID Do not use RAID (+$0.00/mo.)
Use RAID (+$38.00/mo.)
Additional Memory Upgrade None (+$0.00/mo.)
2GB Additional RAM (+$15.00/mo.)
4GB Additional RAM (+$20.00/mo.)
8GB Additional RAM (+$25.00/mo.)
12GB Additional RAM (+$30.00/mo.)
16GB Additional RAM (+$35.00/mo.)
32GB Additional RAM (+$65.00/mo.)
Additional IP Addresses None (+$0.00/mo.)
Additional IP Address (+$2.00/mo.)
OS Options (select one)
Control Panel: cPanel is only supported on CentOS. Selecting cPanel will cause us to install CentOS regardless of your operating system selection above.
None (+$0.00/mo.)
cPanel (+$25.00/mo.)
Plesk Unlimited Domains w/ Power Pack (+$40.00/mo.)
Additional SSL Certificate:

4 Comodo SSL certificates are already included. You must have a dedicated IP address for each SSL certificate.

None (+$0.00/mo.)
Comodo SSL Certificate (+$33.00/yr.)
Essential SSL Certificate (+$110.00/yr.)
Essential SSL Wildcard Certificate (+$160.00/yr.)
Bandwidth Upgrade None
Upgrade to 100TB (+$30.00/mo.)
Server Monitoring None
Server Density (+$7.50/mo.)

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Secure Payment

Secure Payment


Package Name Billing Term    
Primary Drive: Monthly $0.00  
Bay 2: Monthly $0.00  
Bay 3: Monthly $0.00  
Bay 4: Monthly $0.00  
Monthly $0.00  
Monthly $0.00  
Monthly $0.00  
Monthly $0.00  
Monthly $0.00  
Yearly $0.00  
Monthly $0.00  
Monthly $0.00  
Setup Fee One Time $0.00  
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