Email - Entourage - Adding An Account (mac)

Step 1:
Open Entourage and click on Tools and Accounts.

Step 2:
Click on the New Button.

Step 3:
Enter your name and click the right arrow.

Step 4:
Choose (I already have an email address) and type in the email address and click the right arrow.

Step 5:
Enter your incoming and outgoing mail server and click the right arrow. If you are unable to connect to the smtp server, your ISP may be blocking port 25 from 3rd party use. You can alternatively use port 2626.

Step 6:
Enter your account ID '' and your password and click the right arrow.

Step 7:
Make up any name for the account and click Finish.

Step 8:
Open email account settings and select "Advanced Sending Options."

Step 9:
Check the box that says "Outgoing server requires authentication" and click OK.

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