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This article includes instructions to setup an addon domain (host multiple domains under one hosting package, if the package allows it):

Create An Addon Domain:

  1. Open CPanel.
  1. Click the Addon Domains icon.
  2. Type your domain name without the http://www. in the "New Domain Name" field and press the tab key. When you press the tab key the ‘Username/directory/subdomain Name’ box will automatically be filled with the domain name.

  3. Change the ‘Username/directory/subdomain Name’ that was automatically filled out when you completed the previous step to the desired folder name.

  4. Click Add Domain.

You can repeat the process for each domain/folder that you would like to associate. Please keep in mind that it will take up to 48 hours for the domain to propagate.

Is your domain registered with another company?

That's okay, though it would be easier for us to also manage your registration, to make this work all you'd need to do is to contact your current registrar and make sure you have the correct name servers set.

Don't know what the name servers are?

If you are using a CHI account, your nameservers are the following:

If you have any questions about your account limits, just open cPanel and click on 'Expand Stats' on the left side of the page to see any account limits. If you have an infinity sign, that means you have unlimited resources and no set limits.

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