Complete control with a single login

Manage all your Midphase services in one easy-to-use dashboard location. Perfectly orchestrate your web hosting with tabs for easy organization and administration at your fingertips with the CHI control panel. In just a few clicks you can register domains, manage DNS, add services and pay invoices with one login. If at any time you have questions you can’t answer or need additional support, simply create a support ticket with our expert technical support staff.

CHI and cPanel: The Perfect Duo

Midphase.COM shared hosting plans are automatically prebuilt with cPanel hosting capability. Access all of the functionality you love from cPanel from within your CHI dashboard. Whether you are looking to create an online shop, blog or host an entire corporation, Midphase.COM combines outstanding web hosting with cPanel’s rich feature set.

A Complete Package

At Midphase, we know that you need accessible and user-friendly tools to make your web hosting efforts a success. This is exactly why we created CHI. Its purpose is to help you manage your powerful and fully redundant hosting solutions. We’ve banished all confusing technical jargon and complicated instructions and created our CHI platform just for you. Among the excellent features within the CHI control panel you can expect:

  • An searchable knowledgebase full of tutorials and solutions
  • An intuitive dashboard with all of your services on one simple screen
  • A direct line of contact to our expert support team
  • Midphase tools for search engine optimization, software and security
  • Complete domain control including new domain search, registration and DNS
  • All your web hosting services, information and settings in one secure location

Don't forget! CHI comes standard with all Midphase services. Get started today!

Get Started

Not the package you're looking for?

Website Builder

Build your very own professional website without the costly design fees with Website Builder.

Perfect for: Startups, small businesses getting their site off the ground and homegrown offline businesses looking for an online avenue to showcase their products or services.

Online Shop Builder

Build your very own eCommerce online shop in just a few simple steps with Online Shop Builder.

Perfect for: Anyone setting up their first online shop, whether you’re a mum-trepreneur selling handmade gifts, a small retail shop or an outlet for professional services.