Pleasing The Search Engines With Your Domain Name

Posted by Kelly Kirkham

Could a bad domain hurt your search engine optimization? And could a great domain help you get to to top of search pages? Let’s find out…

Midphase is always reminding our clients of how important picking the right domain is for your business or personal website, but what about from a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint? Could choosing the right domain help or hurt your quest to appear at the top of search engine results?

To answer this question we consulted SEO experts as their tips and tricks can help us get on the right path. For SEO purposes you want to be sure that the web crawlers will not mistake your website for spam. This can not only damage your rankings but could result in your website appearing on a black list somewhere.

According to Moz, an online marketing company, there are a few major points that you want to be aware of when making your domain choice:  

  • Avoid hyphens and word separators as they are often associated with spam.
  • Pick a well-known TLD – but .com isn’t always the best choice. Alternate web address endings like .xyz and .club have been popular in recent years and can offer great alternatives to the over-registered .com.
  • Domain names should be no longer than 15 characters – when choosing domains, shorter is better for branding and visitor recollection purposes.
  • Keywords are your friend if they do not detract from length and branding efforts.
  • The more domains the better. One website can be reached through many domains by redirecting alternate domains.

Remember that it is the content within your website that will be the greatest determiner for your SEO ranking, but every little bit helps. SEO Book recommends choosing a keyword and then adding a term to the end of much like Travelocity or RetailMeNot. If you aren’t sure about that option, consider creating your own word to represent what it is that you do. For example, Etsy, Twitter and Uber are words that didn’t exist before they became mega brands.

Search Engine Journal encourages readers to test domain names for penalties before registering the domain.

  • Check with Google and be sure that the domain is not blocked in their robots.txt file. Learn more with the help of Google’s handy SEO guide here.
  • Test the domain by pointing a link at it from a trusted site to see if Google indexes, or recognizes it.
  • After two weeks be sure that Google lists your new domain when you search for the domain using Google Webmaster Tools.

Below is a video that can help you become an SEO machine. Keep in mind that there are many helpful sources once that you get your site up and running. Get a free SEO scan for your site with our Website SEO Guru from Midphase. We can also help you improve your search engine ranking with a few simple steps and then keep you at the top once your site is perfected.

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