How To Set Up A Website With Midphase Part 3

Posted by Kelly Kirkham

Our first posFrom start to finish we are covering everything you need to know to get your website running at top performance. Read on as we explore our easy-to-use website builder.

Our first post in the How To Set Up A Website With Midphase series covered how to register a domain with Midphase. Part two offered an analysis of the pros and cons of popular content management systems. In part three, we take a look at Midphase’s unique website builder version 7 and how to create your own website with this easy-to-use application.

If you are looking for something other than the aforementioned CMSs we have the perfect option for you. Midphase also offers a top-of-the-line website builder that is great for anyone who wants an attractive and functional website in as little as two minutes!

Your custom site will be fully optimized automatically, making sure your website looks great on any screensize. With no developer costs and little-to-no invested time you will transform into the ultimate do-it-yourselfer, and all with just a few clicks.

The website builder can be added to your account from within your CHI account or visit: for additional information.

After logging into your CHI account, you will find the Website Builder icon after clicking on the domain you wish to create your website with. The icon will appear on the left side of your screen on the toolbar:


Click ‘Next’. You will be asked for some basic information about your site, including your business name and address. Enter the information now, or press ‘Skip This For Now’ to update your personal information later, and go straight to the templates section.


When you initially set out to create your new website you will have the choice of hundreds of templates within our website builder application. Choosing one can be tough, but by outlining exactly what you need from your site you will be able to select the template designed for your needs. If you’re not quite sure, click on any of the device icons to preview the template on various sized screens.
Once you have chosen a template you will need to familiarize yourself with the different controls, icons and actions available to you.



  1. The website builder Editor 7 has five tabs along the left side of your screen that you can click at any time. You can use these to enter content, edit colors and to add images and widgets to your website.
  2. Use the Preview button to see exactly how your site would look at any time. If you like what you see, press publish to share your site with the world.
  3. The device buttons allow you to preview how your site looks on various sized screens, which will be automatically optimized with no hassle or extra cost.
  4. The undo and redo buttons allow you to quickly add and remove actions for ultimate control and ease.


To add content to your site you will need to click around the various headers and paragraphs. To change your website’s name click the area that says My Website and select custom on the left hand side of the screen to add a new name. Continue through the different paragraphs and headings by clicking on the text tab (number 1 on the above screenshot) and then drag and drop a text widget onto the body of the page you are customizing. Website builder V7 offers a variety of fonts, sizes and headings to create a fully customized and functional site. Continue adding and customizing to add everything it is about your business that makes you unique.


Add images to your site by clicking the Images tab in your toolbar. Click the Add images option and upload your images by selecting the +Choose files icon on your screen. Remember that images must be under 10Mb. You can also choose from website builder’s stock image library to bypass any copyright issues.

By following these simple steps your site will be up in no time at all. If at any time you have questions or concerns about website builder version 7, please feel free to contact our expert support staff at

Keep up with for the next step in our How To Set Up A Website With Midphase series.

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