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Join the Midphase Affiliate Program now.

With the Midphase Affiliate Program you can generate uncapped extra income using just your own online presence. Be it a website, blog, email or newsletter, you can monetize your web presence to make you money.

What is a Midphase Affiliate?

It’s very simple: once you sign up as a Midphase affiliate we will provide you with professionally designed banners to place on your website, blog or newsletter with a trackable link. This means that every time a user clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you earn a percentage of the sale value!

How much can I earn?

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A base rate of 30% for each sale

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35% for each sale in the first month of programme

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40% for each sale for our top performing affiliates

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1 year of WestHost web hosting sold through your banner will earn you around $23!

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1 year of a WestHost dedicated server sold via your website will earn you around $550!

Why join the Midphase Affiliate Program?

Uncapped Earnings

Unlimited Earnings

There’s no limit whatsoever on the amount you can earn as a Midphase affiliate. That means if you generate 5 or 500 sales you’ll see all the commission.

Full Pay

Intelligent Tracking

Our intelligent affiliate sales tracking software makes sure that every dime of your affiliate commission is recorded, so you’re paid in full for your Midphase Affiliate Program work.

Ready-Made Banners

Banners To-Go

We have an arsenal of readily designed and optimized banners that are ready to go straight onto your website, so you won’t have to worry about the affiliate link making your site look less pretty!

Choose from a selection of Affiliate Banners

Our team of designers have already whipped up a range of banners that are ready to go on your site, so you’ll not even have to worry about the affiliate link looking good. Simply publish the banner and let your website do the rest!

  • Choose Your Template
  • Choose Your Template
  • Choose Your Template

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate program?

The Midphase Affiliate Program allows you to monetize your web presence. From your personal website to your email newsletter, you can make money online as an affiliate. Simply embed one of our ready-made links or clickable banners on your website and any sales that we receive from your site will mean money in your pocket. Your web presence literally works for you; you make money by simply including an advert for our services!

What are the advantages of being an affiliate?

As an affiliate you can let the dollars pile up while you sit back and relax; your website will do the work. All you have to do is include a link to our services on your site, blog or newsletter and you’ll receive payment for any sales we make via your link; it’s quick cash for a small advertisement. We’ll even provide the link or banner so you can get started right away, our designers take care of the hard part so you can simply add the link and go! Your earnings are unlimited, too.

MidPhase products?

Midphase are web hosting experts, providing web services to businesses small and large, bloggers and beyond. We specialize in building our clients’ online presence, from their domain name to their web hosting solution we have them covered. We take care of all the tech behind the scenes of websites of the world!

Why should you promote MidPhase?
As a Midphase affiliate you’ll represent one of the world’s leading web hosting organization. We protect the sensitive data of customers from across the globe, making sure global businesses stay online.

Have more questions about the Midphase Affiliate Program? Click here to contact our affiliate manager.

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