About Our Culture

In 1998 a few tech geeks got together with the vision they could start a company that could help people and businesses connect with one another all over the world and succeed on the World Wide Web. Midphase was born.

At Midphase, we've built a strong team of people who share the vision and values of the original founders. Our employees find their motivation to do exceptional work through a culture code we call Mpower.

Our employees are Mpowered to deliver by having the freedom to think outside the box, set challenging goals for themselves and exhibit ethics of integrity and discipline in their work.

Our employees are Mpowered to deliver by being provided a workplace where they can feel comfortable, confident, and innovative. They work as a team and focus on collaboration and development.

The code of Mpowerment enables our employees to be passionate about what they do, and in turn, passionate about our customers. We treat our employees with the respect they deserve so, in turn, you can expect the same.

As we deliver superior products to your business and future ventures, you're able to grow your business and see the results you need and want. It doesn't matter how large your business is, we have products that will fit your needs, and help you succeed.

MPowered to help you succeed

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Where We Are

Building a team of talented people revolves around the place they’re found. We’ve hand selected a few communities throughout the world to set up shop and form the team who delivers the service you want. Our teams are located in Providence and Salt Lake City (Utah, USA), London (UK) and Lviv (Ukraine).