Can a gal ever have enough .shoes?

shoes-infographic (3)


Today, the new web address ending .shoes goes on sale, as an alternative to .com and .us. To celebrate, Midphase has created this concise history of shoes infographic. 

At Midphase, we subscribe to the philosophy ‘if the .shoe fits, get the website.’ Get your own from the Midphase homepage.

The .LA Team

LA Map

Whose names are down and who’s already in, when it comes to the new .la club.


Warning: This Blog May Cause Wanderlust


The web address ending .voyage was added to the Internet this week. To mark the occasion, Midphase looks at some of the most epic voyages ever made…

In 1873, Jules Verne wrote the novel Around the World in Eighty Days, in which adventurer Phileas Fogg circumnavigated the globe. But epic journeys aren’t the stuff of fiction anymore, and modern day Foggs aren’t just travelling by ships and trains.


What’s the difference between a web designer and a web developer?


To web industry professionals, this question is easy as ABC. But things aren’t as black and white when you’re on the outside. 

Small business owners have a lot on their plate when they’re getting set-up online. There’s domain name registration to consider and hosting options to look into. Then there’s the look and function of your new site to consider.

This is where confusion creeps in. Many business owners mix up the terms web designer and web developer, often confusing them as the same job description or misunderstanding what skills and capabilities they possess. So let’s clear things up.


The Only 8 Tips You’ll Ever Need In Business


The web address ending .tips is released today, as part of the next stage of the Internet’s TLD revolution. To mark the occasion, Midphase has created a wall of fame of advice from the great and the good of the past centuries.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing word of mouth

The ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ of online marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the type of term that has new businesses and bloggers reaching for the dictionary. But once you get past the semantics, it’s a pretty easy concept to grasp. Better still, it’s not too bad for your bank balance either.


The Secret Weapon for SEO?


Google’s new WordPress plugin could be part of your SWAT team for SEO strategy. 


5 Bonkers Inventions You Wish You’d Thought Up


by Emilie DeCoursey

Inspiration for anyone looking to unlock their creative genius and get on in business…

Throughout the history of mankind people have left a legacy with their discoveries and inventions. Millions of lives have been improved due to the sleepless nights of those who had a burning drive to create something worthwhile for our productivity, our health, and our overall happiness.

It’s nearly impossible to narrow down the best inventions of our modern times, but we gave it a shot, in the hope that you’ll feel inspired to answer the call to create. Behold…


For Success As An Entrepreneur, Take A Page From President Lincoln’s Book


by Emilie DeCoursey

One of the most admirable and successful figures in history is celebrating his 205th birthday this month. So, to honor former President Lincoln, we wanted to share some of his inspirational quotes and apply them to building a business today.


How To Name Your Website

Name in a hat

Don’t just pick a name out of a hat when it comes to your website. Follow a few rules for web address success.  

Once you’ve got your marketing strategy in order, and planned a design for your new website, the ever-important decision of choosing your domain name, or website address, is the next big step in online business.

This task was challenging enough when the internet was still young and full of plenty of .com’s for the picking. But it’s even harder now that a large proportion of all existing .coms have been bought.

So here are some tips for making the domain-buying process a little easier…