Linux vs. Windows Web Hosting

Midphase offers both Windows and Linux web hosting at an affordable cost and both have their advantages when choosing a hosting plan right for you. While it’s true that Windows web hosting has come a long way since the advent of the web, becoming more stable and feature-rich, web servers running on Linux have traditionally […]

Microsoft ARMS Windows 8 OS with a new chip architecture

If you read the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson you will recall a crucial moment when Apple’s mobile development team convinced Job’s to use the chip technology from ARM, rather than the Intel’s atom-based chip sets. While Intel arguably offered the fastest chips at the time they were not designed to specifically, for example, […]

Foursquare and the art of customer retention

Still on the fence as to whether your business brand or merchant service should set up a new Foursquare business page? Then consider these facts and figures compiled by Inc Magazine that may help you make a decision: 91% of all U.S. businesses do nothing to retain customers 68% of long-term customers stop buying because […]

Why does HTML 5 promise to be one of the coolest things ever?

The new emerging standard for coding websites essentially moves your browser closer in nature to an operating system and allows designers and developers to explore native, interactive features without resorting to plug-ins to achieve the same affect. In tandem with CSS3 and JavaScript, creative designers can explore new graphics libraries like WebGL which offers some […]